Thursday, 22 December 2016

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Help with downloading the Guide

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You've had problems?

ebookguidexxxxThis page is here to help you if you have been having problems.

The Free Irish Riviera Guide is here on this page to download, just like it was on the previous page you were sent to. BUT there a few things to check first.

1) The Irish Riviera Guide is only available to download.
I'm sorry but we don't make a printed copy of the Guide, and if we did, we would have to make a charge for it. It's Free but you have to download it.

2) The Guide is large
The Guide is 50 pages in length and full of photos and maps. Its a large file and we have split it into two parts, but each part is over 1 Megabyte in size, and may take a few minutes to download on a dial up line.

3) The Guide is a 'pdf' file
We have compressed the Guide as small a file as possible whilst retaining its looks and content. We have used Adobe Acrobat to do this. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the Guide, its a free piece of software available from Most newer computers come with Acrobat Reader loaded as standard, and its recognised as an 'essential' piece of software for Internet users.  You should ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader before you begin downloading either part of the Guide.

4) The Guide is password protected
We have sent to you a password to access the Guide. You will not be asked for your Password to download the Guide, only when you try to open the file. You can access the Guide as much as you like, your password does not time out. When we issue a new version of the Guide you will need a new password, and we'll send it to you,

5) The Guide is very popular!
The Guide is very popular, and we have known our server to slow up a some points on the download. We're sorry for this, and it only happens infrequently. But after much debate we decided that it would better not to go to the expense of upgrading the servers, as then we could keep The Guide as a free giveaway for you to enjoy.

6) The Irish Riviera Guide is FREE
But the content is ours and is the product of many hours hard work. So we make a polite request that you do not copy the Guide. Just send your friends
here so that they can register too.

7) Here it is
The Guide is in 2 parts. In the E-mail that we sent, you will have been given your personal registration code - you will need to enter this code to access the files, but not to download them. Just click on the links below.

Part 1

The Irish Riviera Guide Edition 1 - Part One (pdf format) 1.1Mb

Part 2

The Irish Riviera Guide Edition 1 - Part Two (pdf format) 1.2Mb

For more information, help and assistance feel free to contact The Irish Riviera directly. We'll respond to your email within 24 hours, even of its quite detailed.
For more urgent contact call us, the
phones lines, in our Youghal headquarters, are manned Monday to Friday, during normal office hours (9am to 5pm).

  • Within Ireland 024 20634
  • From abroad +353 24 20634

If the lines are engaged, you will not be held in a queue, but forwarded to voicemail, so that you can leave a message and we'll can call you back.

Our Fax number

  • Within Ireland 024 90607
  • From abroad +353 24 90607
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