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Thrill seekers and active fun

There is lots to do for all ages in the Irish Riviera. Here we have tried to give a balanced view of some of the more popular outdoor activities that are usually available throughout the year, activities that are centred on Youghal.

Boating, Fishing, Diving, Dolphin watching
Youghal's little town quays are busy throughout the year with the local fishermen plying their trade. In the summer the influx of pleasure crafts of all sort add to the colour and and activity. The town quays offer easy access for day boats and, and the are plenty of safe anchorage's for visiting yachts. In the spring and summer a variety of crafts are available for daily hire for pleasure and fishing.

Canadian Canoes, Youghal, A great pleasure trip up the River Blackwater.Canadian canoes are for hire, allowing easy access for all to the harbour areas, the estuary and river basin.
There will also be daily organised trips up the river in two massive 20 man canoes, the only ones in Ireland. Not to be missed.

The fishing boat Liscannon is making day long fishing trips for 12 people, and promises a great full day trip. In the summer evenings the same boat is making short fishing trips, and when they are nearby, Dolphin watching trips around the bay. Of course these are wild animals and come and go as they please, but large pods of dolphins and porpoises live in the Youghal Bay area and love to swim with the passing boats. A certain times of year there are numbers of basking sharks and other shark varieties, and even migrating whales to be seen too. The same trip also passes by the Knockadoon head bird sanctuary and around Capel Island too.

There are other fishing trips available from nearby Ardmore, which also hosts Ardmore Deep Sea Diving. The enclosed bay of Ardmore offers ideal conditions for sheltered inshore diving, and further out to sea there are numerous dive sites including several wrecks. Ardmore Diving offer standard PADI Open Water certification as well as general recreational and technical diving facilities. They have an offshore 105 and a dive rib and equipment for rental.

Contact us to book a Blackwater canoe trip, day long fishing trip, diving or Dolphin watching trip.

Horse Riding on the Beach Youghal02Horses, Riding and Racing
From the area surrounding The Irish Riviera come some of the most famous race horses of modern times. Regular point to point races are held, are great fun, and are a pointer to some of the champions and trainers of the future*. For those that want to ride whilst they are in the area there are a number of options, with well established riding schools at Finisk and Midleton.

*(The same can also be said of the Greyhounds from the area - Youghal Dog Racing track has been the starting ground for many future winners)

After fun on the beach, the  favourite recreation in Youghal is walking. The most popular route is the stroll along the promenade from the Green park, past the Youghal lighthouse and on to the Strand. With an uninterrupted sea view all the way, its a must for all visitors. There are 3 viewing points with seats - and you never know, you might just catch a glimpse of the dolphins that regularly fish in the river mouth, or a seal. Diversions off the promenade take you steeply up to the Golf Club road, and the top of the hill that overlooks the whole area. The views are breathtaking - but the climb will take your breath too.

The history walk through Youghal leaves the Tourist Office at 10.30 daily. Its a historic stroll through time, well worth your time.Racing Laser's by the Youghal  Quay.  Every Sunday, visitors welcome. Pictures of beautiful Youghal, Cork, Ireland

For longer routes many take the air along the whole strand beach from Youghal strand to Red Barn and back. Its flat and sandy all the way, a distance of 4-5 miles. Or walk the other way, along the river, along the dyke that protects the lower town. The estuary is over mile across at this point, at high tide its the domain of pleasure boats, at low tide wading birds of all types, including egrets, that roost in large numbers near the waters edge just past the bridge.

Just outside of Youghal, at the village of Killeagh, the Glenbower woods are laid as a lovely countryside walk for all ages.

Internet Access
Whilst some of the most modern hotels might offer access for dial up modems, broadband is not common in holiday accommodation (indeed it's not available at all in many areas). However, you can always rely upon the Cyberroom internet cafe in Youghal high street to get you on line.

Quad-biking, Thrill seeking (or just plain mad)
Take an "off road" trek on your own All Terrain Vehicle - at one of two quad bike centres in the Irish Riviera. Big, small, young or old. Absolutely no experience is necessary, although you do need to book in advance. Ages from 8 years up. You will get dirty, but there are washing and changing areas to prepare you to re-enter the real world.

Skydive Irish RivieraIf you have ever fancied throwing yourself from an airplane, well now is your chance. Just an hour away is Waterford Airport, the home Skydive Ireland, who offer you the chance to leap from a plane 10,000 feet above the earth. Apparently all you need is a healthy appetite for fun!
Of course experienced sky divers are welcome, however you must be able to prove that you are a current member of the Parachute Association of Ireland (or your national FAI-affiliated parachuting organisation if you are a  visitor to Ireland).

There has been fishing in Youghal for since it was first settled over two thousand years ago. The great river Blackwater sweeps into the sea here, and is a famous salmon fishing river. The Blackwater is Ireland's second largest river and as a large mature river, it is not subject to the whims of the weather, and consequently can provide excellent fishing even in low water. It has extensive tidal reaches, stretching for approximately 20 miles from the estuary mouth at Youghal to Lismore. This provides a unique haven for salmon and seatrout. It was declared Ireland's most prolific salmon river in 1998. Statistics issued by the Central & Southern Regional Fisheries Board confirm that the Blackwater had the highest rod catch of salmon of all Irish rivers that year. The total was a staggering 8,063 - over 35% higher than the River Moy.

Youghal bay is a sea fishing paradise. Unspoiled, uncrowded and offering great sport, with specially fine bass fishing. At the eastern end of Youghal bay,  Knockadoon Head has great spinning or float fishing for Pollack and Mackerel, Wrasse, Conger and Dogfish. Along the miles of Youghal Strand the main problem is usually deciding where to pitch your shelter and start fishing - and the answer is just about anywhere as the fish tend to sweep along its entire length. Surf and bottom fishing for Flounder, Plaice, Dabs and Sole.

The Green Park is Youghal is a popular spot for fishing, as its right next in the town. The main species are Codling and Coalfish in winter, and Flatfish and Pollack in the summer. For 2 weeks in the summer (in August usually) the area is alive with Mackerel and sprat. At the town quay you'll even see boys jump in and throw them out, they are so numerous!

The Old Dyke Wall starting from the quay in Youghal town and runs up towards tip head. This is a match fishing venue, where Flounders are the main quarry. Traveling over the river Blackwater to Whiting Bay  and there's excellent sport spinning and float fishing from the rocks for Bass, Wrasse, Pollack and Mackerel in season. Surf fishing will generate lots of Flatfish and the odd Bass, even Sea-Trout, with bottom fishing taking Dabs, Plaice, Cod , Dogfish and Ray, but no Whiting!

Further along the cost at Ballyquinn Strand  (a fabulous little used beach) is one of the premier shore fishing venues in Ireland.  Surf fishing will produce Bass, Dabs, Flounder, Painted Ray in summer and quite close in, the odd Sea-Trout and Dogfish.  More specimen fish have been recorded here than on any other beach or mark in Ireland.

Fishing trips, by boat, out in the bay are available throughout the summer months.

Youghal is a perfect base for the keen golfer, as this quarter of Ireland hosts a magnificent selection of 40 parkland and coastal golf courses. You could start at Youghal's own championship course, with its spectacular setting on the cliffs overlooking the town and bay. Within a hour drive there are a string of other golf delights including Fota Island and the Old Head of Kinsale, arguably Irelands most exciting new course. Other courses include Lee Valley, Midleton, Charleville and West Waterford just to name a few.

For aspiring golfers, there is a lovely pitch and putt course set just behind the main Strand beach.

Cyclists of all ages and abilities will love Youghal, as there's something for everyone. The flat beach area is a great place to start, as the the land around the whole bay to the south of Youghal is a flat river bed, of farm lands, villages, reed beds, streams and beaches, laced with lanes and tracks for safe easy cycling.

To the north and west of Youghal, the terrain is very different. The Blackwater and other rivers slice through ancient wooded hills, creating deep gorges and uncrowded, steep winding lanes that rise up and descend through farm land and thick woods. Challenging and energetic routes will be found to Lismore and Tallow. Although the route home is largely downhill (from Tallow at least).

To the East of Youghal, is the open countryside if Waterford, and again this provides rich variety. Its an easy amble to the ancient seaside town of Ardmore. More adventurous cyclists, and off-roaders, will love the Commeragh mountain trails, just beyond Dungarvan 20 minutes away. Sailing and Boating
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